Flash floods hit Las Vegas strip with shocking videos showing water pouring into iconic casino weeks after last flooding | The US Sun

2022-08-13 21:52:00 By : Ms. Carol Liu

SHOCKING videos show the devastating effects of flash floods that once again hit iconic casinos on the Las Vegas strip Thursday night.

The natural disaster comes just two weeks after some of the most famous casinos - Circa Resort, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Casino, and the LINQ Hotel - were flooded due to monsoon rains.

Social media users posted harrowing footage of water pouring into casinos, flooding blackjack tables in the populated Nevada city.

One Twitter user wrote: "You're not going to believe this, but I'm not sure if it's raining more inside @PHVegas out outside," tagging the famous casino Planet Hollywood.

The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory warning Thursday evening until just after midnight.

The organization warned of heavy rain, flooding, and frequent lightning.

"What a storm!" the weather service said.

Las Vegas was hit with .58 inches of rainfall Thursday, bringing the monsoon season rainfall to a total of 1.28 inches, the National Weather Service said.

This comes just two weeks after bystanders posted videos on social media of the previous flooding, showing the destruction along Las Vegas Boulevard.

In one video, water can be seen collecting on the floor after it broke through a screen at Circa Resort & Casino.

Another video shows water rushing through the ceiling at the legendary Caesars Palace.

Water also ripped through the parking garage of the LINQ Hotel, bringing along anything light enough for the water to carry.

The Planet Hollywood Casino also had some flooding after the rain created a huge hole in the ceiling.

Alexander Wolf, a resident of Las Vegas, told The New York Post that he saw “curtains” of rain when he had looked out his window.

“Lightning was nearly constant, and the power went out several times,” Wolf said.

“Electric surges set the fire alarms of several buildings off, causing fire responders to have to head out into the storm to respond to them.”

No injuries have been reported at this time, Las Vegas Fire Information Officer Tim Szymanski informed The Post.

The Post also reached out to Simon Jowitt, an economic geologist and professor at the University of Las Vegas.

He said that although flash floods don't usually happen, monsoon season is from July to September, which residents do expect.

“We’ve got good drainage systems but sometimes the water just overloads them,” Jowitt said.

“It can also be dangerous for homeless people who sometimes live in the drainage systems for shelter.”

He continued: “The other thing is that we don’t often get rain so it’s hard to check whether roofs and the like are actually waterproof; probably what has happened in the casinos tonight."

The Sun reached out to Circa Resort and Casino, who refused to comment, and Caesars Entertainment, who has not returned comment by the time of publication.

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