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2022-10-01 23:43:45 By : Ms. Min Miao

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star, Madisen Beith has just revealed some scary news, and is begging fans for help.

According to The Sun, Madisen Beith is asking fans for help after she suffered a scary potential home invasion incident.

The reality star shared a photo to her Instagram story that showed a food truck. However, the message on top is what left many concerned for the 19-year-old.

In the photo, she included an option for fans to reply along with a message that read, “I came home today to my weather strip hanging out & door all scratched up, looking for the best/affordable security camera.”

While many were concerned for her safety, Madisen is still not on some fan’s good sides after a recent episode which showed the reality star get into an argument with her parents about birth control.

She told them, “I feel like I have laid down in the bed. I did the work to make the baby. I can do the work to provide for the baby. You know what I mean? It’s my responsibility.”

Her step-mom responded saying, “Are you in a different headspace now where you feel like it’s your responsibility to be on birth control?”

“No, I ain’t going on birth control,” Madisen asserted.

The conversation went on, to which Madisen continuously shut down and confessed she “ain’t talking about my sex life with y’all.” She continued on to say the “pull-out method” worked well enough for her – ultimately making light of the situation.

Many fans believed the Teen Mom star was being irresponsible and immature during this conversation. Her dad agreed, chiming into the conversation. “I mean, I think it would be stupid for y’all to get pregnant again, and even more stupid to not try to do everything that you can to prevent it from happening,” he said.

However, Madisen took to her social media to clear up this conversation and explain her side of things.

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