Steelrising - How to Break Doors and Gates -

2022-09-10 21:20:43 By : Mr. Da Jen Lee

Stumbled across a locked door or gate with a green seal then interacted with it only to find out you don’t have the right tool to break it? In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to break doors and gates in Steelrising.

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Steelrising is chiefly a Souls-like, but also weaves in elements of Metroidvanias. Not least, picking up new abilities as you progress and then backtracking to unlock new areas and secrets.

You’ve probably caught on by now: opening and breaking doors in Steelrising requires one such ability – The Alchemist’s Ram. It’s key to getting through the abundance of locked and barricaded doors and gates across Steelrising’s alternate version of Paris.

The Alchemist’s Ram isn’t available until a fair few hours into the game (5 or so hours in our playthrough) and only once you’ve reached the Luxembourg area of Paris. There, you’ll need to progress through the level following The Shadows of Luxembourg main quest line. 

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Make it through the gardens and you’ll come to a spot where you need to leap up to an open window into the palace. Continue forward to trigger a cut scene, leading into a fight with The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan, a crucial step to unlocking the tool needed to break doors and gates in Steelrising.

This Titan is a hulking automaton that wields a concoction of alchemical powers to stun, freeze, electrocute, and burn you in a flurry of brutal attacks. Pushing through the fight – probably dying a couple of times – and then defeating the titan grants The Alchemist’s Ram as a reward for your efforts.

Unlike weapons, modules, and clothing that need equipping, The Alchemist’s Ram is available at all times, although only usable situationally. Simply approach a closed or barred off door or gate, then interact to have Aegis boot it open with a deft kick.

Now, you can backtrack to all the closed doors and gates in previous Steelrising levels and break them open, unearthing some secrets, shortcuts, and gear in the process.