3D wallpaper, 3D wallpaper, 3D ceiling \\\"easy self-installation\\\"

3D Wall Paper Product3D wall paper (70CM*70CM*6CM)Size70CM*70CM*6CM (Width* Length*Thickness)Advantages1, Decorate your roof.2, Creat a different feeling.3, You can choose the style you like.4, Replace at any time.5, Moistureproof and durable.StyleClassicFunctionDurable, Moisture-proofColorFor optionsCertificate DisplayROYA

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3D Wall Paper

3D Wall Paper, 3D Wallpaper, 3D Ceiling

Product3D wall paper (70CM*70CM*6CM)
Size70CM*70CM*6CM (Width* Length*Thickness)
Advantages1, Decorate your roof.
2, Creat a different feeling.
3, You can choose the style you like.
4, Replace at any time.
5, Moistureproof and durable.
FunctionDurable, Moisture-proof
ColorFor options

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3D Wall Paper, 3D Wallpaper, 3D Ceiling

Innovative sensation for ceiling, wall and partition. 

About Us
ROYAL CEILING MANUFACTURE LTD was established in 3 JAN 2008 by founder (MS JANE TONG YAN) who had a vision. This vision was to create a large and leading international Building Material company.
She believed hard work would make this a reality and wanted to leave a legacy for futuregenerations of professionals.Today Royal Group is a success story built on shared Values and ambition. A Comprehensive Enterprise for manufacturing decoration and building Material products.World-renowned and recognized for excellence in the industry, Royal Group Has grown substantially over the years. Starting as a Trading firm, ROYAL GROUP diversified,constantly following the market. For almost a decade, ROYAL GROUP has been reinforcing its International presence, expanding its in-house expertise and enlarging its scope of Producing and supplying the quality products to the world. Royal Decoration & Building Materials Manufacturing has led the industry by supplying top quality complimentary building products with an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff that is driven by customer satisfaction, We are committed to providing detailed information in a timely manner and being available to answer your questions regarding standard as well as highly specialized and engineered products.Contact us for a quote or information on Gypsum tiles-grid suspension system, PVC ceiling tile , mineral fibre tile, Gypsum Board , Access panel, Pvc panel, LED lights, LED panel , Aluminium profile, Aluminium mesh and so on for your Complete Project Solution. whatever it builds it dedicates to innovation. Our Innovation Centre (CIC) and Research and Development Centre (RDC) are state-of-the-art workplaces utilized in the research, testing, materials analysis and operations of our high performance products and systems. A team of forward-thinking professionals from the fields of material science, chemical, mechanical and civil, physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry and architecture, are leaders in there respective fields and help set the standard for industry innovation at Royal Group. we are the innovative sensation for ceiling wall and partition.
What We Do?
Royal Decoration & Building Materials Manufacturing is All solutions to one Partner.The historic brand of the company, in more than
10 years of activity has become synonymous of high quality products for the Project Needs. The majority of the Group's products are commercialized under the brand name Royal, Perfogyps , Perfogrid , Lomina LED, Lord Wall Covering. Today, this brand is recognized throughout Middle East, Europe, Africa and around the Globe as the undisputed leader for The complete Building material distribution of Quality Products in Economical Price.We are committed to providing detailed information in a timely manner and being available to answer your questions regarding standard as well as highly specialized and engineered products. We are One of The Top Chinese Company Specialized in Overseas Project Supply.

3D Wall Paper, 3D Wallpaper, 3D Ceiling

Exhibitions We Attend
We are participating major building material Exhibition all the world. since beginning we have almost participated all the major exhibitions globally, we are participating every year twice in canton fair and proud member of brand booth in canton fair. we are regular exhibitors of Big5 Dubai and India. We are participating trade shows and exhibitions on regular basis. Every year we bring the platform for our Customers and distributors to connect and plan for better development in ceiling and decorations. we always try our Best to bring innovations in our applications industry.Some of the major exhibitions we participate are as follows.

3D Wall Paper, 3D Wallpaper, 3D Ceiling

Application Scope
Residential Building : Apartment Buildings and Complexes, Private Residences And Housing Compounds.
Commercial & Retail: Office Buildings and Complexes, Commercial Centers, Showrooms, Shopping Malls and Hypermarkets.
Corporate: Headquarter Buildings, Complexes and Banks.
Governmental: Embassies, Ministries, Governmental Agencies, Municipalities and Consulates.
Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Marinas, Water Parks, Sports Clubs, Recreational Centers.
Health care: Hospitals, Medical Research Centers, Medical Clinics.
Educational: Universities, Specialized Colleges, Schools, Technical Schools, Academies, Language Centers and Cultural Centers.
Institutional: Mosque, Prisons, Houses of Worship, Correctional Institutes and Vocational Training Centers.
Industrial: Plants, Service Workshops, Factories and Filling Stations.
Transport Facilities: Airports Planning & Design of Related Buildings and Facilities, Passengers Stations, Fueling Stations and Depots.

ROYAL GROUP is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services; and endeavours to provide Opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply their know-how towards the development and service of Society with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment.

To continuously improve its world-wide rating among the Top Building material firms, pioneer state of the art technological solutions and provide the best professional service value regardless of project size or profitability.To become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in building and Decoration Materials.

3D Wall Paper, 3D Wallpaper, 3D Ceiling

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