Shop top Therabody devices for face and body at Best Buy

2022-11-17 05:02:30 By : Mr. David Fei

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Shop top Therabody devices for face and body at Best Buy

We’re talking wellness tech, specifically the impressive offerings from Therabody. Available at Best Buy, the devices span personal massage like the Therabody Theragun and recovery devices like those from RecoveryAir, as well as new makes and models that look more futuristic than ever.

“As the industry leader in percussive therapy, Theragun devices deliver deep muscle treatment unlike anything you’ve ever felt,” reads the Best Buy page. “Scientifically calibrated to reach deep into the muscle to effectively reduce tension, accelerate recovery and improve overall mobility.”

However, this is just the beginning when it comes to the evergrowing Therabody lineup. We wanted to outline the best new releases and hidden gems from the brand, which you can find all at Best Buy. 

Also, keep an eye out for the yellow sale tag; prices are dropping in time for Black Friday and the winter holiday season.

Don’t sleep on this Therabody innovation. The world of wearables just got much more relaxing thanks to these Smart Goggles. The device sits comfortably on your eyes and temples like a standard sleep mask but then uses a combination of heat, vibration and massage to ease headaches, tension and more.

Sold at Best Buy, enjoy free shipping and the ability to buy online and pick up in a store near you.

Skip the facialist – just head to Best Buy. This new facial tool from Therabody is a game changer in the skincare and wellness space, as it is the first tool using percussive technology designed especially for the face. The device comes with six customizable heads and settings, with massage attachments, rings for heating and cooling, and red and blue light therapy rings.

Enjoy super fast and free shipping, perfect for holiday gifting, and options for 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad protection for an additional charge.

This device may be small, but it sure is mighty. The Post loves the Theragun Mini, especially after testing it out ourselves in 2021. Its compact size makes it easy to take to work, the gym, or vacation. The mini massage gun still stands as a top massage device, thanks to its powerful percussive settings allowing you to precisely target muscles.

Shop the device at Best Buy and get a free travel case, plus enjoy free shipping and sale pricing while supplies last.

The PowerDot Duo is a serious game changer in pain management and care from the comfort of your own home. Sold in the TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulation section at Best Buy, the Therabody brand device comes with lightweight pods and sensors that easily attach to your body, pairing with the smartphone app to control the intensity and duration of treatments.

Since this is a medical device for many, Best Buy allows you to use your FSA, HRA or HSA, helping you save money and prioritize your personal care and wellness.

Leg compression boots aren’t only for NFL-level athletes anymore. Bring the recovery on home with these Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots, now sold in various sizes at Best Buy.

Enjoy free shipping on the boots, or pick them up in-store. Best Buy also provides the ability to finance your purchase with 24-month financing.

Shop top Therabody devices for face and body at Best Buy

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